About Us was founded in 2019 as a B2B, and B2C platform, it is a DBA developed by Properhomes USA. Dedicated to serving the Americas. Our mission is to facilitate trade between the Americas


How long the company has been in the market? was founded in 2017, but scheduled to go on the market in 2019 with all the regulations, laws, and procedures that e-commerce requires, which are the same applied to physical stores by regulatory entities.

How differ from the competition?.

Our company is dedicated to providing the ALL IN ON SHOP service. since we have affiliation with the major companies, our clients can visit our store at the same time they are visiting the biggest store too.


To where do you ship?

We shipped to all USA and Puerto Rico,  and Internationally we ship to South America, Central America, and Caribbean Island



What is the base of your operations?

Our Headquater office is located in Atlanta Georgia, with Branch in Miami


How long that is take you to process an order before are dispatched?

Orders are processed immediately, payment is received and confirmed. Shipping within the United States depending on the type of shipment can take between 1 and 7 days to be received

The receipt of the Shipments outside the country or international depends on the way it is sent. Maritime or Air. 

How the company calculate shipping costs?

The costs are according to the type of shipment contracted and the type of cargo. It all depends on the type of merchandise and the customs regulations of each country

How we track the shipment?

Our clients are notified immediately when their merchandise begins its destination route and when the client receives the merchandise in the same way we are notified that they received it, they can also enter our page and review the shipment at the bottom of the page where it says track your shipment



What payment methods does company accept?

We only accept payments made with PayPal when they are amounts less than $ 1000.00 and above this amount, we accept bank transfers



Does the Company accept returns and exchanges?

Yes, Gloocommerce accepts returns and exchanges under our terms and conditions policy  look at

You can also look our policies at:  and 

Contact Us

Our operations are Monday to Sunday from 9:am to 5 pm Eastern Standard time. We are here to help you, our Phone: 305-200-9565 or email us at

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